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Third-Party Liability Insurance

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance is an optional insurance for rental cars that protects all authorized drivers if they injure someone or damage someone else’s property.
  • Note: This insurance has a deductable of $250.00.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

  • This is the one type of rental car protection that's wise to purchase. It relieves a customer of his or her responsibility for all or part of any rental car damage under the terms of the car rental agreeement that may occur during the rental period. 
  • Note: This is not a form of insurance, but an optional waiver. 



Plan ahead for peace of mind. With Extended Roadside Assistance you can travel with peace of mind. We understand things can go wrong – it is the real world – and we take care of you to provide you with roadside services, including:

  • Lockout Service - Gain entry when keys are locked inside the vehicle. Get replacement key.
  • Flat Tire Assistance & Replacement - We'll replace a flat or damaged tire with the spare, or get the car towed to the nearest service facility.
  • Jump Start - If your vehicle experiences battery failure, we'll provide a jump start.
  • Fuel Delivery - if you run out of gas/fuel, we’ll deliver 3 gallons to your location.
  • For the ultimate safe driving experience, add Extended Roadside Assistance to your reservation.

In the unlikely event of operational difficulty or unexpected emergency, you want reliable service fast - especially helpful when you're in an unfamiliar place. With Extended Roadside Assistance, you will get fast, reliable emergency road hazard assistance.

To access Extended Roadside Assistance 24/7,

 Call 869-469-2886 from 9am - 5pm
 Call 869-664-9951 from 5pm - 9am


One less stop when you are on your way home.

When it's time to fill up your tank, choose the way that works best for your schedule and budget:

  •  Fuel Service Option
  •  Self-Service*

 Fuel Service Option

Save yourself time and hassle by adding our Fuel Service Option to your next online reservation. Just pay in advance for a full tank of gas and bring the car back empty. No need to search for a gas station before returning the car. Our rates for this service are comparable to the current local retail pump price.

If you select this option, you'll want to bring the car back as close to empty as possible, because no credit or refund will be given for unused fuel in the tank.

If the Fuel Service Option isn't exactly what you're looking for, you may choose the Self-Service option.



A temporary driver licence will only be issued to individuals 25 years or older and holding a valid driver licence from another country. Temporary driver licences which are valid for three months or one year are issued at the Inland Revenue Department and authorised car rental agencies. The cost of a temporary licence is $25.00 for three months and $47.00 for one year.

To obtain a driver licence card you must first present:

 a valid non-national driver licence.
 two (2) pieces of Identification are required including a passport. Company Identification cards are not acceptable.
 Additional documents may be required.
 The temporary licence is valid for the period stated on the licence.
 It will be ready for you at the time of pick-up or delivery of your car rental.


Bundle Rate: $115/day

  • Vehicle: Suzuki Grand Vitara or similar


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