Fuel Plan


One less stop when you are on your way home.

When it's time to fill up your tank, choose the way that works best for your schedule and budget:

  •  Fuel Service Option
  •  Self-Service*

 Fuel Service Option

Save yourself time and hassle by adding our Fuel Service Option to your next online reservation. Just pay in advance for a full tank of gas and bring the car back empty. No need to search for a gas station before returning the car. Our rates for this service are comparable to the current local retail pump price.

If you select this option, you'll want to bring the car back as close to empty as possible, because no credit or refund will be given for unused fuel in the tank.

If the Fuel Service Option isn't exactly what you're looking for, you may choose the Self-Service option.


Not sure how far you'll be driving, but plan to stop for gas? Don't accept the fuel service option. Simply purchase your own fuel just before you return the car to Nevis Auto Rental with a full tank of gas and you'll avoid any refueling service charge. How easy is that?