Rediscover Nevis

Why not rediscover the Island of Nevis? There is still so much more to see and enjoy on this beautiful Island we call home. Rent a car with us and visit places you've always wanted to visit, visit friends or family you haven't seen in a while. You can even take a day trip over to our lovely sister Island St. Kitts.Capture breathtaking moments with ... Read more

18 Jul, 2021
Nevis and St. Kitts Car Rental

 Car Rental in St. Kitts and NevisNevis Auto Rental is leading the way in the car rental market on the island Nevis. The car rental rates are economical, and it offers many other services. You can book in person at Nevis Auto Rental or book your car through its online platform.Nevis Auto Rental have available three categories of cars on ... Read more

11 Apr, 2020
Driving in St. Kitts and Nevis is Simple and Easy!

 Driving on Nevis is Simple and Easy!Many visitors to Nevis are alarmed by the prospect of renting a car for a simple reason: “you drive on the left here!” It doesn't take long before they realise that just changing the side of the road isn't so very difficult after all – primarily because there are so few cars on the island. And those that ... Read more

03 Feb, 2020
Getting Around In Nevis

GETTING AROUND IN NEVISOn the island of Nevis, public transportation services are limited. Taxies are costly. Although the island is only 36 square miles, walking far distances is not convenient due to the heat. The public transportation service mostly consists of individually own minibuses that hold up to 10-15 people. The buses converge in ... Read more

09 Nov, 2019
Rental cars for hire Nevis and St. Kitts

CAR HIRE SERVICE ON NEVIS AND ST. KITTSRenting a car on the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis is easy. There are several car hire services to choose from. However, Nevis Auto Rental has a great reputation for providing rental cars that are clean, reliable and fully fueled upon pick-up.In addition, Nevis Auto Rental provides temporary driver licenses ... Read more

05 Nov, 2019
When you arrive on Nevis, we’ll deliver the car to you

WHEN YOU ARRIVE ON NEVIS, WE'LL DELIVER THE CAR TO YOULife is moving along quickly or at least it feels that way. We are busier than before and it does not seem to be slowing down. That’s why Nevis Auto Rental is determined to make your rental experience as fast, efficient and pleasant an experience as possible. We’re here to help, we’re here ... Read more

27 Sep, 2019
Car Hire Service in Nevis St. Kitts

AFFORDABLE CAR RENT SERVICES BY NEVIS AUTO RENTALNevis Auto Rental is situated in Island Main Road in Clifton Estate. It is open for everyone in need of car services. Hiring a car from Nevis Auto Rental provides you a mix of services, which are purely based on the value to its customers. By hiring a car from Nevis Auto Rental, you may purchase ‘ ... Read more

02 Dec, 2018
Rent A Car in Nevis St. Kitts

NEVIS AUTO RENTAL PROVIDES AN EFFICIENT CAR RENT SERVICESIf you’re looking to rent a car in Nevis St. Kitts, then you should go for a service that’s reliable and simple. Nevis Auto Rental has proven reliability record to provide you with the best rent a car service in St. Kitts. Nevis Auto Rental is is easily accessible, which is there for you ... Read more

02 Dec, 2018

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