Cancellation - Early Return


Our cancellation policies vary, depending on the type of reservation you've made:

  • Was your credit card charged for the rental at reservation time at Nevis Auto Rental?

If you wish to cancel before your rental pick-up time, you must cancel and request a refund via email. Once cancelled, we will credit you approximately within seven business days. Credits will be applied to the same card with which you prepaid. You will incur a $50 processing fee if you choose to cancel a prepaid reservation before the rental, and a $150 fee after the rental pick-up time has passed. If you return the vehicle before the original return date (early return), you will not be refunded any portion of the payment.

  • Did you make a reservation without providing credit card information?

If you make a reservation without a credit card and you no longer need to rent, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible before your scheduled pick-up time.